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Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchan
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Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Article source: Popularity:1062Release time:2017-05-24

Fully welded plate heat exchanger is a new generation of products with the advantages of integrated detachable plate heat exchanger and shell and tube heat exchanger.It is introduced to make up for the application of removable plate heat exchanger.At the same time, its high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosion resistance to ensure that the conventional shell and tube heat exchanger to replace most of the working conditions.Welded plate heat exchanger with corrugated board structure similar with detachable plate type heat exchanger, and the use of more advanced full sealing gasket free welding technology, plusing a variety of metal and alloy materials, ensure the welded plate heat exchanger heat transfer process is suitable for most occasions.As its compact structure design, high efficiency heat transfer performance and the use of convenient and flexible, so that all welded plate heat exchanger in petrochemical, heating, electricity, metallurgy, bio energy and other industries widely used.

The Advantage of Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchanger:
1.Maximum operating temperature: 500℃
2.Maximum working pressure: 2.5MPa
3.Maximum assembling area: 800m2
4.Maximum nozzle specification: DN800
5.Plate thickness range: 0.6-0.8mm

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