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MVR Falling Film Evaporator
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MVR falling film evaporator

Article source: Popularity:1637Release time:2017-05-24

    MVR evaporator is an MVR evaporator coupling technology composed of falling film evaporator. Its main components: steam compressor, heater exchanger, separator, preheating system, automatic control system and etc..
The falling film evaporator specified with film,the liquid be sent from the top to the end in the heater through the pump,to let the material liquid evenly distributed in each heat exchanger of the inner surface, and keep the heat exchanger tube surface wet to achieve a higher heat transfer coefficient of the evaporator. The material liquid is film flow, so this evaporator has the advantages of high heat transfer coefficient, low energy consumption, low pressure drop, the residence time is short.

Distributor design: to consider the liquid viscosity, density, surface tension, combined with the heater parameter, and to ensure the minimum design of falling liquid density. Falling film evaporator distributor is critical, if the performance defects will appear uneven film,dry cloth tube, coking, evaporation intensity insufficient.
Heater selection:plate heat exchanger or tubular heat exchanger
MVR falling film Evaportor Application: food, fermentation, pharmaceutical industry,feed concentration, salt concentration, the concentration of heat sensitive materials.

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