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MVR Plate Evaporator
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MVR plate evaporator

Article source: Popularity:2426Release time:2017-05-24

    MVR Plate Type Evaporator is composed of MVR plate evaporator technology coupling plate evaporator Conqinphi invented patented technology.If the MVR evaporator heat transfer with small temperature difference, the heat exchange area is large.Our company invents the plate type evaporator with large area heat exchange, with higher heat transfer coefficient and the heat transfer area is small, the equipment cost is low.Plate evaporator with special plate as heat transfer surface, relative to the tubular heat exchanger has high heat transfer coefficient, easy cleaning, can remove and replace the heat transfer surface of unit area, small power consumption characteristics. The evaporator pump consumes only 1/3~1/4. of tubular exchanger.

Process: can use type climbing film, plate falling film plate, forced circulation
Composition: filtration system, preheating system, plate heater, material pump, separator, demister, steam washing tower, steam compressor

The Advantage of MVR Plate Type Evaporator:
1.High heat transfer coefficient: good structure of the evaporator, with variable flow, the liquid is easy to reach the turbulent state, the heat transfer coefficient is 2-3 times of the tube;
2.Anti clogging: liquid flow disturbances at the heat transfer surface, to scour the heat transfer surface, the adhesion on the heat transfer surface fouling body loss, delay the fouling cycle;
3.Anti Scaling:the surface is very smooth, the use of advanced processing technology, which makes the heat transfer surface roughness control at very low value, the adhesion of pollutants is difficult. This type of heat exchanger fouling rate only tubular heat exchanger 1/5;
4.Easy cleaning and maintenance: the plate type structure is unique, can easily remove the heat transfer surface, any piece of pollution or damage to the heat transfer surfaces can be easily replaced.

MVR Plate Type Evaporator Application: concentrate various inorganic salt evaporation crystallization, larger hardness of the evaporation, landfill leachate evaporation, food, fermentation, pharmaceutical industry, feed concentration, heat sensitive materials.

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