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OLSO Crystallizer
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OLSO crystallizer-improved

Article source: Popularity:1594Release time:2017-05-25

    OSLO crystallizer is a fluidized bed crystallizer with particle size classification.The feed drop in the middle of the downcomer to the bottom, then turned up, in the process of rising supersaturated liquid through the fluidized bed, full contact with the crystal suspension, the crystal nucleus grow, supersaturation can be eliminated.OSLO crystallizer can produce large crystal.

    In the process of evaporation crystallization, the rate of supersaturation depends on the evaporation rate.The evaporation intensity is high, the degree of supersaturation of the faster and more easy to form a high degree of supersaturation.The elimination of supersaturation mainly depends on the spontaneous nucleation and crystal growth.The longer the residence time of crystal, the longer the crystal growth, the larger the crystal size.Large size crystals must have enough time to grow.

    On the basis of the accurate crystallization kinetics data, we design a suitable OSLO crystallizer according to the crystal growth rate and the required particle size in the design task.Conqinphi make a lot of improvements to the crystallizer, making it more suitable in the actual production conditions.

Crystallization method: water cooling crystallization, evaporation crystallization, freezing crystallization, vacuum crystallization
Design method: MDP2016

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