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DTB Crystallizer-improved
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DTB Crystallizer-improved

Article source: Popularity:1546Release time:2017-05-25

DTB crystallizer is a kind of internal circulation crystallizer.It is typically characterized by a mixer, a deflector, and a baffle as well as a heat exchange device and a fine grain elimination device.
The feed liquid rises from the bottom of the inner guide tube through a built-in stirrer,to contact the surface of the supersaturation liquid of the largest concentration regional.And dropped along through the inner guide tube and outer guide tube,crystal and clarification separate in the annular gap between the crystallizer cylinder and the outer guide tube,then crystal slurry continues downward circulation.The clear solution enters the fine crystal elimination device to dissolve the excess fine nuclei from the outer annulus,it ensures that the core will not be excessive, so that the crystal size distribution is more uniform.
In the process of evaporation crystallization, the rate of supersaturation depends on the evaporation rate.On the basis of the accurate crystallization kinetics data, we design a suitable DTB crystallizer according to the crystal growth rate and the required particle size in the design task.On the basis of the original DTB crystallizer, Conqinphi made a lot of improvements to the crystallizer, making it more suitable in the actual production conditions.

Crystallization method: water cooling crystallization, evaporation crystallization, freezing crystallization, vacuum crystallization
Design method: MDP2016

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