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Single Stage Pusher Centrifuge
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Single Stage Pusher Centrifuge

Article source: Popularity:1530Release time:2017-05-24

    The main motor drives the basket to rotate at a full speed, material is fed into through a feed pipe and distributed evenly onto filter screen walls inside the basket. Under the centrifugal force, the liquid is discharged out of the basket through filter screen and the filter holes, and then out of the machine through the tube for discharging liquid, while the solid deposits in the basket as a ring layer of cake .As the pusher pan is rotating at the same speed as the basket, it is pushed by the piston to reciprocate continuously and axially, thus pushing the cake layer to move out of the basket and then out of the machine from its front shell base.

Single Stage Pusher Centrifuge Application:
    Single Stage Pusher Centrifuge are a kind of pusher filtering centrifuge with continuous operation. They can perform feeding, separating ,washing and discharging in sequence at their full-speed running. This machine has the advantages of continuous operation, stable performance, easy operation, large capacity, ideal washing effect and low moisture content of cake. They can be used for separating the suspension with solid phase particle size of over 0.1mm and with the concentration of over 40%. They are suitable for chemical industry, fertilizer, salt and alkali manufacturing, especially suitable for the solid-liquid separation of ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, mirabilite, etc.

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