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Disc Centrifuge
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Disc Centrifuge

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Disc centrifuge is one kind of decanter centrifuges and applied to the separation of material difficult to be separated, (suspension is composed of viscous liquid and tiny solid particle or emulsion is composed of liquid with similar density, etc.).The principle of mixed liquid (turbid liquid) containing immiscible light liquid, heavy liquid and solid phase with different density have different settling velocity in the centrifugal field is applied to separate or to settle the solid particle in liquid. Disc centrifuge is a kind of decanter centrifuges which has widest use.

Disc separator is vertical centrifuge with basket installed on the top which rotates fast by the drive of motor. The basket has a group of overlapped disc parts - disc; and there is small gap between disc, and the liquid is fed into through the feed pipe centered inside the basket. When the mixed liquid(turbid liquid) flow through the gap between the discs, under the centrifugal force,  the solid particles slide away from the discs and accumulate in the form of residue layer in the largest part of the basket, then is discharged out of the basket; the light liquid move forward to the basket center along the disc upper surface, and is discharged out from top liquid outlet of the basket under the centrifugal force; and the heavy liquid stay in the middle close to the residue layer, which is discharged out from the specially designed top liquid outlet of the basket.
Disc type separator can complete two kinds of operations: liquid-solid separation (suspension separation), which is called as clarification operation; Liquid-liquid separation (or liquid - liquid-solid) (requires different liquid proportion), which is called as separation operation.
Disc centrifuges have the advantage compact structure, small size, great production capacity, which are widely applied to the industries like chemical industry, pharmacy, light industry, food and biological engineering, etc.

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