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Qingdao Conqinphi actively expand the international market of evaporator project

Article source: Popularity:697Release time:2017-06-12

With the company’s developed rapidly and the technologies’ improved on evaporator. We are actively expand the international market .Attract much more foreign clients to our company technical exchanges and procurement  



On April 27,a Pakistan client came to our company. After learning about our many kinds of evaporators and other products,they came to our factory and laboratory to learn the operation of  MVR enforced cycle evaporator. 

After the field visit about our equipments and the operation,they got much  more learning about our technologies and believed our quality was perfect .Perhaps in the future we will have a opportunity to cooperate.

    Qingdao Conqinphi provide Multiple Effect Evaporator,Falling Film Evaporator,MVR Evaporator,Plate Heat exchanger,Crystallizer and other Customization Design.